Regime forces control the Hama-Aleppo highway

(Aleppo) Regime forces regained control over a number of villages situated on the Hama - Aleppo road during an offensive that took place over the past week.

Opposition forces lost control of the Aleppo towns of Al-Hamam, Al-Qurbatiya, Khanasser and Obaida, retreating to Al-Qintein and Al-Bouz.

The loss of these towns leaves an open road ahead of regime forces advance on the weapons factories in Al-Safira, which only came under opposition control less than a month ago.

Opposition military sources told Syria Newsdesk that the regime was able to use geographical make-up of the terrain surrounding these villages to its advantage. Opposition forces retreated from villages surrounding Khanasser, then from Khanasser itself under heavy shelling.

According to opposition sources, the convoy comprising some 25 tanks and 10 BMP carriers as well as a number of Shilka vehicles started advancing towards Aleppo. Military jets flying overheaded secured the passage of the convoy.

An opposition military source said that they lost over 15 fighter and dozens of casualties, underlining that regime's assault exceeded 30 rockets and shells per hour. The source also claimed his forces were able to destroy five regime tanks in addition to other vehicles.