Shuhada'a Douma Brigade to retaliate against kidnappers of VDC activists

The Shuhada'a Douma brigade, part of the Free Syrian Army in Rif Dimashq, said in a statement released today that it will "strike with an iron fist" and do everything in its power to identify the kidnappers of the Violations Documentation Center (VDC)'s activists, stressing that it will hold them accountable for this heinous act.
The brigade's statement also reads: "kidnapping activists stands against Islamic values, traditions and ethics, particularly because the abdducted VDC activists, who were kidnapped from their offices a few days ago in Douma, have spent a huge amount of effort to serve the revolution of dignity and freedom".
Furthermore, Shuhada'a Douma's statement went on to say that the act of kidnapping VDC activists closely resembles kidnappings carried out by the regime.
Four Members of the Violations Documentation Center: Razan Zeitouneh, Wael Hamada, Samira Khalil and Nazem Al-Hamadi were kidnapped by an unidentified group on Monday evening.