Protesters attack Sharia Committee headquarters in Saqba

(Rif Dimashq) A mob of angry protesters attacked the headquarters of the Sharia Committee headquarters in the town of Saqba in Rif Dimashq, in response to what they deemed were violations carried out by the judicial body.

Moreover, the protesters chanted slogans calling for the downfall of the Sharia Committee in the town, and called for it to be replaced by the elected Local Council. Protesters also broke into the Committee's headquarters and vandalized some of its furniture.

One protester said that the Sharia Committee has "a monopoly on relief and agricultural produce", in addition to meddling in the educational affairs and prohibiting female nurses from working in medical points.

A group of opposition activists complained that the Committee is "overstepping its boundaries", interfering in activities that are the responsibility of the Local Council, adding that the Sharia Committee must only be in charge of the "issuing of religious edicts."