Al-Raqqa rebel group promises military action against ISIL

(Al-Raqqa) The Al-Raqqa Rebels Brigade, a Free Syrian Army faction, has warned the people of Al-Raqqa yesterday to stay away from checkpoints and strongholds belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the city, noting that they are currently being targeted by the brigade.

The brigade also stressed, in a statement released today, that the Islamic militant group has carried out murders and kidnappings, in addition to "brewing strife between the different tribes", forcing the rebel group to take a stance against it.

The Al-Raqqa Rebels Brigade also called on the people of Al-Raqqa to stop cooperating with ISIL, promising future military operations against it in three days.

Moreover, the rebel group pointed to the advancement of regime forces on several fronts in Al-Raqqa as direct result of ISIL's "compliance with the regime".