The Front of Aleppo Islamic Scholars urges ISIL to depart Syria immediately

(Aleppo) The "Front of Aleppo Islamic Scholars" (FAIS) issued a statement today addressing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) members. The front gave ISIL foreign fighters a three-day ultimatum to either return to Iraq or join other armed factions fighting against the Syrian regime.
Through the statement, which condemns ISIL's recurrent transgression against civilians, media activists and opposition fighters, the Muslim scholars added that, "any individual involved in attempted suicide bombing against jihadists and civilians is considered a murderer whose deed is unjustified and cannot be interpreted as an act of martyrdom under Shariaa law." 
The Front of Aleppo Islamic Scholars's statement also demanded of all opposition battalions to defy ISIL, stressing that the organization and its fighters can be regarded as bandits under the scriptures of Islam.