Opposition forces seize multiple villages in Latakia

Syrian rebel fighters made gains at noon today, in the coastal province of Latakia's countryside, after managing to seize control over the Kassab border crossing with Turkey.

Latakia-based activists reported to Syria Newsdesk that opposition forces, which consist of both Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Islamic Front, have so far managed to control Al-Nesser Mountain, which overlooks Kassab's border crossing, in addition to the village of Al-Samrah and the main police stations in Kassab, Al-Sakhra, Jabal Al-Akra'a and Nabe'a Al-Murr.

Our sources also confirmed that over 20 Syrian Army soldiers handed themselves over to opposition battalions, after the latter enforced a three-hour siege on a building they were barricaded inside, in the village of Nabe'a Al-Murr.