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Mothers' Day: A Day of Mourning and Sorrow for Mothers Across Syria

Um Samer carries a photo of her son who was killed during the battles in Hama's eastern countryside. She receives condolences without speaking a word to anyone. While she visits her son's grave, a media activist approaches her, trying to get an interview, but she refuses to make any statements. Her late son had enrolled in an opposition battalion, which fights under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, in the central province of Hama.

Opposition forces aim to retake Yabroud in Rif Dimashq

(Rif Dimashq - Yabroud) An Al-Qalamoun-based opposition commander revealed to Syria Newsdesk that the battalions, which withdrew from the city of Yabroud, in Rif Dimashq, are currently "amassing their troops and going through a process of reshuffling their ranks", aiming to "retake the city" that was seized earlier this week by regime troops, backed by the Lebanese Hizbullah militia.

Aerial bombardment targets Al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo

(Aleppo) Syrian regime helicopter gunships dropped several barrel bombs today on the road leading to rebel-held Al-Kindi Hospital, which is situated on a strategic hill at Aleppo's northern gateway, overlooking the Industrial Zone of the Sheikh Najjar district, and the highway that leads to Aleppo Central Prison, northeast of the city. However, no casualties were reported thus far.